Honolulu Hawaii Building Restoration Services

We hold all of the necessary licenses to perform complete exterior building restoration. We rarely subcontract out services. We generally perform all building restoration work in house. This allows us to create a smooth project with one point of contact to the customer.

Restore your Condo, Apartment or Commercial Building

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A complete exterior renovation encompasses all aspects of a building from roof deck repairs, lanai repairs, façade repairs, walkway repairs, planter boxes, pool decks, recreation areas, parking decks, garages, windows and railings, as well as all other exterior surfaces.

Building restoration can include concrete spalling, caulking, painting, coating, waterproofing, rust repair, window repair and replacement and railing repair at replacement.

We have worked with many buildings and property managers in coordinating total exterior renovations within their allocated funds. Protecting and prolonging the life of Hawaii’s buildings is our number one priority.

No project is too big or too small!


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