Concrete Waterproofing in Honolulu Hawaii

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on concrete spalling and crack repairs and with concrete waterproofing much of it can be avoided.

Protect your Hawaii concrete by waterproofing

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While a building's concrete walls are at least protected by traditional latex or acrylic paint, a vast majority of spalling is found on highly exposed areas, such as lanais found in Hawaii, balconies, terraces, walkways, parking and recreation decks that are left unprotected and open to the elements.

These concrete areas require waterproof coatings that would protect and preserve the underlying substrate from structural deterioration.

Vehicular traffic waterproofing systems are designed to protect the reinforced concrete parking structures. They provide a flawless, durable, skid-resistant covering on the concrete, preventing entry of moisture and chloride that lead to premature deterioration of concrete and reinforcing steel.

Pedestrian traffic waterproofing systems feature the same protection offered by most vehicular systems, but are engineered for lighter traffic loads, such as lanais, balconies, terraces and walkways.

Both systems come in different colors, textures and formulations to meet job requirements.

Preventative maintenance is fundamental in maintaining the longevity and value of each property and will also prevent exorbitant repair costs.


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