Today, many reinforced concrete structures, especially those in coastal areas, such as Hawaii are in a state of deterioration or distress, requiring extensive concrete repairs, commonly referred to as "spalling".

Concrete is still the foundation of modern construction. It is economical, durable, sustainable, but not indestructible. Time and weather will eventually take it's toll. Protecting concrete surfaces from the elements is critical to the preservation and functionality of all buildings, especially lanais, balconies, walkways and exposed decks where water tends to pool.

For over 25 years, we have helped owners and property managers protect the structural integrity and value of their buildings. We take pride in our work and earn our client's trust and long-term business by being open, honest, fair and hard-working.

Seal Masters of Hawaii is one of the largest and most experienced concrete restoration and waterproofing company in Hawaii. We perform concrete "spall" repairs, waterproofing, painting, elastomeric coatings, caulking (sealants) and repair, replace and install new railings and guardrails.

Working alongside architects, engineers and consultants who specialize in renovation projects allows us to remain at the forefront of technology by utilizing state of the art products, equipment and techniques available for all types of concrete restoration and waterproofing projects.

With a multitude of field technicians and supervisors, an operations manager, safety officer and customer care coordinator, our clients receive the highest level of service and support they deserve.


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